Who we are


We are a team of experienced Hemp professionals specialized in the development, production, distribution and daily use of consumable hemp. 


Our vision is to change the hemp industry by developing versatile products that can be integrated into everyday life. With the growing popularity of CBD, quality is often sacrificed resulting in synthetic products with dangerous additives.  


At COBA, we believe in the natural therapeutic benefits of the hemp plant, making it our mission to provide pure hemp products free of dangerous additives. Our global team is committed to using 100% raw hemp to guarantee safe and effective consumption and to improve the lives of all people. 


Customer Care and Supply Chain

We protect our customers by ensuring our ability to trace each ingredient throughout the supply chain. We value sustainable and ethical approaches to producing our hemp products. This means we only work with True Source Certified, Fair Trade, and USDA Organic ingredients. Our hemp is grown in an outdoor operation by experienced growers caring for each plant individually to maximize yield and quality.


Coba Statements, Core Beliefs and Social Responsibility 

  1. COBA products are made with 100% raw hemp, grown by our team in Wisconsin in the United States. 

  2. COBA represents a lifestyle where all people are equally capable of living a thriving and healthy life every day.

  3. COBA represents the practice of wellness.

  4. COBA does not diagnose or treat medical conditions. 

  5. COBA does not represent a cure for all.

  6. COBA complies with all Federal Government requirements.

  7. COBA is aware that Hemp is not FDA approved.